There’s a Mouse in my House (but I’m Smitten with a Kitten?)

The Mouse

I found a baby mouse in my hallway today.  I’m not sure how it made it that far from its mother; it was moving pretty slowly.  I saw the trail it made through the drywall dust in the partially finished bedroom in our house, so I placed it back in the hole it came out of.  I can only hope its mother finds it.  As much as I would have loved to take care of it, I live with a wonderful little kitten named Gizmo.  He didn’t pounce on the mouse when he saw it, but I don’t see them becoming fast friends…

The Kitten

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5 Replies to “There’s a Mouse in my House (but I’m Smitten with a Kitten?)”

  1. Very cute.
    Hopefully Jerry is not sick. You may not want to keep him roaming the house (they multiply). I googled “perfect collision” and got a picture of gizmo and jerry here. I am happy I did.

  2. the mouse is the most adorable thing iv’e evver seen!!!!! i would’ve taken care of it …but some place my cat wouldn’t find it!

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