Things I’m Doing (or Queueing at least)

I am chronically unable to finish projects because I tend to pick up a new one more often than I complete an old one.  Here is a list of things I’m currently working on, in no particular order.

  • Turning Bridge into a real activity.  This means using the datastore, dropping Elements in favor of directly interfacing PyBox2D, and making multiple levels of play.
  • Writing a working Panorama activity. Ben Schwartz wrote some excellent autostitching using Numpy; it just needs some camera code to make capturing frames easier and to disable auto white balance and so on.  I stuck Ben’s activity in a git repo, and I plan on making my changes soon.
  • Commiting the rest of my GSoC project to Pygame SVN.  I committed everything but the actual camera module so far.  At the very least, I need to set up a build environment in Windows and make sure that the camera fails gracefully, since it only supports v4l2 at the moment.  Before Pygame 1.9 is released though, I plan on writing VFW and maybe Quicktime support.
  • Writing an Augmented Reality Game (ARG?).  Augmented Reality is pretty much the holy grail of computing for me. I played around with ARToolkit a bit, but I really want to get into it when I have more time.

Of course, in addition to that, there is attempting to find a job, taking care of my kitten, finishing moving into my house, and loads of schoolwork.  The schoolwork is mostly interesting though.  It currently consists of writing object classification and image seam carving in Matlab, coming up with screenplay ideas, and playing with a Gumstix board.  I’m also going to be starting some computer vision research with Professor Martial Hebert of the Vision and Mobile Robotics Laboratory at the Robotics Institute.  More on that when it happens…

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