The New Look

I finally got around to updating k2 to the latest version, and with it, I got the site looking like I had intended it to. No more weird spacing and awkward half default look.

I tested it with Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3, and Chrome in Windows and Firefox 3 and Opera 9.52 in Ubuntu. It seems to work as expected, aside from some weird spacing in IE (or maybe that should be expected). Google Analytics claims 11% of the visitors to this site use Internet Explorer, which feels strangely high considering the content. I’m ok with giving the remaining 11% another reason to switch.

I made the Sierpinski fractal background with Context Free. It is quite a fun program, and very simple to pick up. It took a few minutes to write the script for the background (about 1/100th the time it took to get the CSS looking right).

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