Living Pointillism: A pygame webcam script

Living Pointillism

Living Pointillism is a quick little example script I wrote to showcase the camera module I’m writing for pygame through GSoC.  It places a few dozen points (it automatically changes the number based on the framerate) for every frame of video, so the image is only clear if everything is perfectly still.  This also results in some interesting visual effects when things are in motion.  The screenshot above doesn’t quite capture the essence of it, but I don’t have the kind of bandwidth here to upload a video.

To use it, you need pygame with the camera module, which is currently only available from my repository:;a=summary

It runs fairly well on the OLPC XO too, and I’ll release an Activity for it along with an rpm of my branch of pygame soon.

Download: Living Pointillism

Update: This is now available packaged as an OLPC Activity.

Update 2: Pygame with the camera module should now be downloaded from the Pygame SVN.

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10 Replies to “Living Pointillism: A pygame webcam script”

  1. Sorry my ignorance, but i cant use git to download your version

    seyacat@naruto:~/pygame/git$ git clone;a=summary
    Initialized empty Git repository in /home/seyacat/pygame/git/?p=pygame-nrp/.git/
    Cannot get remote repository information.
    Perhaps git-update-server-info needs to be run there?

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