Augmenting Reality with Reality

I combined voxel carving and augmented reality to insert 3d reconstructions of real life objects into real life scenes for a final project for 15-463, Computational Photography.  There is a more detailed writeup here.  It looks kind of bleh at the moment, and it involves a lot of hacked together libraries.  I really like the idea of it though, so this is something I’m planning on revisiting when I have more skill in the third dimension.

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3 Replies to “Augmenting Reality with Reality”

  1. It looks like the virtual models disappear whenever the image of the square on any of those cards is interrupted. Did you deliberately choose to use cards with high-contrast images/words on them so that the software had something to recognize with clear asymmetry/orientation?

  2. Yep. Those are the fiducial markers used by ARToolkit. A square with highly visible corner points to get camera projection easily in a noisy environment, and a unique identifier in the middle to get orientation and to tell the difference between cards.

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