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  1. Is investment open for foreigners? How about exporting/importing to a different country? (Say… your neighboor from the south?)

  2. Amazing framework laptop! Ifixit perfect 10/10. As soon as these come to the U.K. I’ll be ordering. And I do hope you might consider an AMD Rembrandt APU model with RDNA2 igpu when that appears next CES 2022. Be a perfect match.

  3. Hello Mr. Patel,
    Have not used my new Framework machine in months. I am still waiting for the part which Framework offered (RTC Alternative) in lieu of warranty repair. The message below was sent in December. Part not rec’d, no reply rec’d. Please advise.
    Dan Reilly

    Happy Holidays, Framework,

    I will take the RTC Alternative which will require that I hire a tech to do the install. The Framework warranty is non-existent. The proposed fix does not address the short/drain in the system.

    The Framework concept looked great but it turns out that you put profits ahead of customer experience. Not much of an innovation.


    Dan Reilly

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