Tiny USB Type C Adjustable Power Supply

Tiny Power Supply
When building projects professionally, I try to take every shortcut possible to accelerate learnings around an idea and get useful results to inform the next iteration. When building projects personally, I do basically the opposite. Often when starting with an idea, I’ll find that it would be helpful to build a tool to execute on the idea cleanly, so I switch tracks to building the tool. Sometimes, when trying to build that tool, I’ll find that I’m missing some other tool and build that instead. This is one of those.

The guts
I couldn’t find an adjustable power supply in my house (I think my personal one became property of Oculus at some point), and I couldn’t find a small simple one that I liked online, so I built the one I wanted. This is just a 3d printed housing with a PD Buddy USB Type C board, a Rui Deng DPS5005 Switching Power Supply, and banana plug terminals inside. It supports around 0-19V output from a 20V Type C power supply like a MacBook Pro charger and up to 5A. Rui Deng’s DPS3005 would technically also be sufficient if you want to save a few bucks. The result is a cute little adjustable desktop power supply that solves for what most of my projects need. The OpenSCAD and STL files along with assembly instructions are on Thingiverse.

Not the world's most accurate power supply.

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