A Dirty Hack for OpenCV on the OLPC XO

OpenCV has issues using the camera on the XO, rising from the way it negotiates color palette settings with the OV7670 v4l2 driver.  I haven’t delved deep enough into v4l2 yet to come up with a proper fix for either the driver or OpenCV.  However, I have a temporary fix that (probably) works fine but is very ugly.

The easy and dirty solution is to install the opencv, opencv-devel, and opencv-python packages with yum, to download the libhighgui.so.1.0.0 that I compiled, and to copy it to /usr/lib/libhighgui.so.1.0.0.  In short:

sudo yum install opencv opencv-devel opencv-python
sudo wget  https://eclecti.cc/files/2008/03/libhighguiso100 -O /usr/lib/libhighgui.so.1.0.0

Continue for details on the problem and the actual temporary fix that I did

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